• Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

Shopify adds collaboration tool to connect brands with content creators

BySamuel M. Craig

Aug 18, 2022

Diving Brief:

  • Shopify launched a new buyable content feature, Shopify Collabs, this week that aims to connect creators with the platform’s millions of merchants, according to a press release.
  • The tool is intended to connect creators and merchants by emphasizing passions and sensibilities, helping each other capitalize on their respective careers, and further highlighting the role that buyable content plays as as a marketing tactic.
  • The new feature follows other efforts by Shopify to distinguish itself in the shoppable content space as platforms like TikTok grow and comes as the company faces a slowdown in the number of new merchants being added.

Overview of the dive:

The creator economy has skyrocketed, estimated at over $100 billion, but some creators are struggling to establish their economic independence while maintaining their authenticity. To help them get a foothold, Shopify Collabs provides a platform for them to find brands they’d like to partner with. Likewise, marketers can partner with creators they believe reflect their brand, providing an additional method to boost sales as many struggle amid the economic turmoil.

“For Shopify merchants, Collabs is a new way to find potential customers in an era when it’s never been more difficult or expensive,” Amir Kabbara, chief product officer at Shopify, said in the release. “By giving merchants the ability to discover and partner with creators who align with their brand, they can harness the power of community commerce to reach consumers in new and meaningful ways.”

Creators and marketers can find each other browsing the platform after creating a Shopify Collab account. Once a partnership has been identified, creators can use Shopify’s Linkpop, its free bio linking tool, to curate a selection of products to showcase in their content. The new tool also offers features like unique links and discount codes that creators can share.

Since Collabs falls under Shopify, merchants can continue to track real-time inventory, orders, and customer information across all channels. The tool also handles final payment to ensure that the creator and merchant are paid.

The unveiling of Collabs comes as Shopify seeks to woo merchants as rising costs and falling consumer spending drive businesses away from the platform, which has seen its stock plummet amid global layoff plans. The first half of the year saw just 71,000 net merchants added, according to Reuters, compared to 680,000 at the height of the pandemic and 314,000 last year. The addition also comes as Shopify seeks to become a dominant force in the buyable content and creator space, following recent partnerships with Twitter, YouTube, Spotify and TikTok.