• Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

Ebay removes listings of Queen’s bracelets found in state selling for up to £70,000 | Queen Elizabeth II

BySamuel M. Craig

Sep 17, 2022

Online auction site eBay has removed dozens of listings of bracelets given away to people queuing to view the Queen’s coffin as online traders seek to cash in on souvenirs from the occasion.

Some used wristbands were attracting bids of up to £70,000 before they were taken down.

An eBay spokesperson said: “These items are against our policies and we are removing them from our site.” Its event ticket policy prohibits the sale of most tickets, including those for free-to-the-public events.

The Queen’s lie at the Palace of Westminster opened to the public at 5pm on Wednesday, and 48 hours later around a dozen people had put their colourful, numbered paper strips up for sale on online marketplaces.

People joining the queue winding through central London to view the coffin are given paper wristbands to mark their place. This allows mourners to leave the queue for a short time to use the restroom or freshen up, then return to their seats.

The wristbands, which do not guarantee entry and are strictly non-transferable, have been issued by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) to help manage the large number of people keen to catch a glimpse the queen reclining in state. The bands have different numbers and colors each day. The DCMS website explains the queuing process, saying the group is “a record of when you joined the queue.”

A seller’s gold bracelet was listed with the description “Queen Elizabeth II’s bracelet lying in gold queue. Used – see today’s photos! Friday September 16th, queue of 11am, same day as David Beckham (was about an hour before us) Joined the queue before 6am.

An orange bracelet, which features the royal coat of arms and the abbreviation LISQ (lying in the state queue), had a price tag of £1,000 after nine bids. The seller described it as “brand new” and “never used”.

A similar band, with a starting price of £550, gained 22 viewers in its first 24 hours of live streaming.

Several vendors are including bundles of commemorative newspapers alongside their bands, and many have included photos of themselves wearing the bracelet in the queue, to prove their authenticity. An eBay member listed his orange bracelet with a note: “I originally put this bracelet on high. As you can see, it was the same color as my jacket! But have decided to let it run at auction. Something inside me from the queen told me to do it.

The cheapest band listed on the site is priced at £10, and for £20 you can buy one described as ‘a little wrinkled, but a piece of history’.