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eBay offers seller protections for shipping delays to Puerto Rico due to Hurricane Fiona

BySamuel M. Craig

Sep 20, 2022

eBay is offering seller protections for shipping delays to and from Puerto Rico due to flooding and power outages caused by Hurricane Fiona across most of the island.

The USPS reported that it had been forced to close more than 30 postal facilities on the island until further notice. This is important because most eBay sellers probably use the US Postal Service to ship to and from Puerto Rico.

UPS and FedEx have not issued service alerts for Puerto Rico. But given the flooding and problems around the island, it’s hard to imagine they aren’t affected as well.

San Juan Airport remains open and flights continue to operate, including cargo and courier services.

eBay Seller Protections

eBay has advised sellers that they don’t need to worry about the impact of their seller’s performance rating on weather-related issues, including Hurricane Fiona.

Businesses impacted by this natural disaster will automatically have their Seller Performance Score protected, including:

  • Late shipping rate.
  • Valid tracking upload rate.
  • Case “Item Not Received” due to late delivery as long as seller has uploaded tracking and has physical scan from carrier before opening a case.
  • Defects resulting from transactions canceled by sellers.

eBay will also remove any associated negative and neutral feedback and these instances will not impact a seller’s service metrics rating. There is no need to contact customer service at this time, the company said.

However, we suggest monitoring impacted shipments for any negative ratings and if necessary contact ebay if not removed quickly.

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