• Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

eBay makes a big hit on Pokémon cards and Yu-Gi-Oh!

BySamuel M. Craig

Aug 25, 2022

E-commerce platform eBay invests heavily in trading cards and NFTs. The Frenchman Sorare is certainly eyeing him, but unable to buy platforms in such strong growth, eBay has put his hand in his pocket swallow TCGPlayer. The amount of the transaction amounts to 295 million dollars.

TCG Player is an e-commerce platform specializing in collectible cards. It is a true reference for Pokémon cards and Yu-Gi-Oh! notably. Its power lies in a large stock and a search engine allowing customers to buy a specific pack from a collection, without difficulty. With card prices skyrocketing, TCGPlayer has gold in its hands.

If the authorities give it the green light, eBay should be able to get its hands on the company early next year. According to him, TCG Player will continue to operate under his name. This acquisition would be an opportunity in an “attractive” category with “high growth”. For TCG Player, this will be an opportunity to go further “benefiting from several decades of experience” and additional resources.

On the stock market, eBay has fallen sharply since its records of November 2021. But the company capitalizes 24 billion dollars and has never seen such figures since its creation. Faced with companies like Amazon (which continues to invest in home automation) and AliExpress, it knows that its diversification is necessary to strengthen its model. Two months ago, it also bought the KnownOrigin platform, which specializes in NFTs.

Thanks to the pandemic, she has also found resources in abundance. Something to replenish its coffers. Its turnover increased by 22% in the last quarter of 2020, then by 42% in the first quarter of 2021.

In May last year, NFTs also made their debut on the e-commerce platform. “Everything collectible has been on eBay for decades and will continue to be […]”exclaimed eBay CEO Jamie Iannone in an interview with CNBC.

Despite the market collapse, after extreme speculation, the eBay boss added that “the domain [des NFT] has reached a tipping point of credibility, trust, and adoption such that the general public now feels comfortable exchanging new forms of digital collectibles.”