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Acquco achieves record sales on Amazon Prime Day

BySamuel M. Craig

Aug 4, 2022

NEW YORK, August 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Acqucothe fastest growing e-commerce aggregator, today announced that its Amazon Prime Day 2022 year-over-year sales have outpaced competitors with an increase of more than +107%.

Acquco was founded by e-commerce experts Raunak Nirmal and Wiley Zhang, passionate about acquiring high-quality Amazon brands and transforming them into household names. “Acquco’s performance on Amazon Prime Day is largely due to our expert team of brand managers with years of experience from Amazon, Walmart and Ebay,” Nirmal says. “We also have exclusive playbooks that give our brand managers unique strategies to drive sales. As a result, we have consistently unlocked double-digit year-over-year growth for the brands we have acquired.”

The sales data highlights Acquco’s continued strong performance in the Home, Office, Sports and Beauty categories. Key brands and products that contributed to Acquco’s record sales growth include:

  • LuxClub sheets Luxury bed linens continue to drive growth with an increase of nearly 300% year over year. On July 13brand sales Bed sheets surpassed 1.5 million, thanks in part to a viral post on TikTok which has been viewed 1.3 million times.
  • Sigtuna bike locks – Sigtuna bike lock sales jumped 137% from Prime Day last year. These sturdy locks not only protect bicycles against theft, but also have a special coating to prevent scratches. The folding bike lock sprinted into the top ten sellers in its category by selling three times its daily average.
  • Scala Exfoliating Foot Mask – Demand for deeply discounted beauty items was very high during Prime Day. The Scala Foot Peel mask became one of the best-selling products during the Prime Day sale period and made the front page of the Beauty category deals page. This hypoallergenic foot peel has sold 206 times its daily average and is currently the seventh best seller in its category.
  • PowerLix Inflatable Sleeping Mat – Camping enthusiasts have taken advantage of the competitive discount offered on this best-selling inflatable mattress. Units sold were up four times the daily average during the Prime Day period compared to last year. The unique design not only ensures campers get a good night’s sleep, but also folds down to the size of a water bottle to fit easily into a backpack.

Asked about her team’s contribution to Acquco’s Prime Day success, the VP of Brand Management Christine Cui explained, “We’ve been working to improve our brands since Prime Day last year. From revamping our content and branding, investing in social media marketing, improving the quality of our products with new quality assurance processes, through the launch of hundreds of new products, we are reaching a wider audience this year and scaling our acquisitions from product source to brand source. serving wider audiences across multiple countries and channels, we are thrilled to see triple-digit growth this year not only on Amazon US, but also in many other regions, from Canadain the UK and the EU.”

Nirmal added, “Acquco is successfully meeting the unique challenges that 2022 has brought to the e-commerce industry due to our ability to adapt. Behind our range of successful brands is a dynamic team that tackles every obstacle with the future success of the business in mind. I’m incredibly proud of what we accomplished on Prime Day, but the year is far from over. Wiley and I look forward to acquiring new Amazon storefronts, overcoming obstacles, and continuing to grow in the months and years to come.”

About Acquco

Acquco takes a highly measured approach to identifying, evaluating and acquiring top Amazon brands. Acquco delivers long-term value to its customers by leveraging capital, resources, and opportunity for Amazon sellers to achieve their goals. Acquco’s proprietary technology and global operating experience structure a distinct approach to acquisitions, resulting in sustained year-over-year impact for its customers and partners.

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