Credit comparison | Cash and mortgage loans

 The credit comparison allows mainly to get acquainted with banks’ proposals regarding bank loans. Additionally, it enables a quick estimation of the amount of loan installments depending on the determined parameters of a specific loan.

The website has two of the most popular comparison engines. This is additional information necessary to analyze loan proposals at banks.

In both cases, after getting acquainted with the banks’ proposals, we can quickly contact selected banks. It is enough to send a short contact form.

Credit comparison. Cash loans

Credit comparison. Cash loans

All you need to do is enter the appropriate parameters of the loan you are looking for, such as the amount of the loan and the loan period. And we receive a list of the latest proposals for cash loans in individual banks.

It is necessary to remember that the loan comparison partner does not search for the cheapest loans and bank offers, but only presents a list of banks that have such an offer.

Similarly, it is not a loan calculator, but at most a simulator that estimates the amount of loan installments. Therefore, the comparator can not be treated as a credit ranking.

Credit comparison. Housing loans

Credit comparison. Housing loans

Finding the right home loan is not so easy, because there are quite a lot of bank loan offers.

Yes, we can search for and read the offers of banks ourselves, if we have enough time. But we can also arrange a meeting with a financial intermediary. And this seems the best option. The more so that such a meeting with an expert is free. And at the same time, it does not oblige us to take advantage of the loan offer.

First of all, this is a meeting with a specialist who will not only examine your creditworthiness, but will match your credit and its appropriate parameters. We will certainly inform you about all the advantages and disadvantages of individual offers and facilitate negotiations with banks regarding a loan for the purchase of real estate.

And what is most important, will take you through all the formalities, from the beginning to the end: from the choice of the product to the signing of the loan agreement.

A comparator, whether it concerns housing or cash loans, should only serve to estimate the loan installment.